Ms. Castro

Music Teacher

Greetings! Welcome to Music!


My name is Ambergrace Castro, and this is my first year teaching at Holy Spirit School. I have been an active member of the Holy Spirit community since I was a child. I joined the youth ministry when I was in 6th grade, and have been a music minister for Holy Spirit Parish for the last 10-15 years, playing piano and directing the youth and young adult choirs, In my spare time I am usually assisting the Holy Spirit Young Adult ministry with coordinating rehearsals, retreats, and other conferences. I graduated from San Francisco State University, and I look forward to growing and expanding music at Holy Spirit School!


I aspire for our students to become musicians – to be consumers and creators of the great gift of music that was given to us by God!


The mission of the music classroom is to nurture the joy of music and how it encompasses our faith.

We learn:


  • Active listening and critical thinking is required to learn and reflect on music

  • To foster the ability to work together as One Body – not soloists, but a community with one heart and one mind

  • To build a love for the liturgy through choir and active participation in the mass

  •  The basic elements of music through singing, games, and other exercises and hands-on activities

  • To enjoy the perspective of music as a gift from God to share our talents

To grow in confidence through performances that is done for an audience of ONE – glory given to God!