Work Hours and Fundraising


Every registered family at Holy Spirit School is asked to volunteer for 40 Service Hours, earning $200 SCRIP Net Profit Dollars, and earning $150 Fundraising Profit Dollars. (Single parent-20 Service Hours, $100 SCRIP Net Profit Dollars, and $75 Fundraising Profit Dollars). These hours can be earned in a variety of ways including, but not limited to: Participation in any Fundraiser, Room Parents, Library Assistants, Coaching, Advisory Commission, Parent Teacher Group, Fund Raising Committees, SCRIP, Work Parties, Hospitality, Publicity, Hot Lunch Program, and Technology Committee.




Registered parents at Holy Spirit School are responsible for contributing $200 (single parent-$100) profit each year by purchasing SCRIP. Parents are asked to agree to one of the following options:


  • I agree to purchase SCRIP by purchasing SCRIP cards through the school office and/or registering through E-SCRIP. I understand that my participation will generate a net profit of at least $200 (single parent-$100) for Holy Spirit School. If I do not meet the profit total of $200 (single parent-$100), I agree to pay the balance of my required SCRIP profit dollars.

  • I choose not to participate in the SCRIP program for the school year. In lieu of my participation, I will pay the $200 fee (single parent-$100 fee) for non-SCRIP participation with Registration Fees.